Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting into my room..


I feel today has been a very productive day around the home...gardening, cleaning, mopping...so that means I have a lot of motivation to get into my room and create while the boys sleep. I love this weather too...overcast, cool...real 'Kate's Corner' weather! In 15 mins, I'll be putting the little ones to bed and heading to my corner...

Thought I'd show you Kate's Corner. It's now a room instead of just a corner, but I work in a corner of the room. I decided not too clean it for the photo...wanted to show you what it looks like on any given day. It's usually messy...I think I work best with things EVERYWHERE! Don't know why that is..

I'll blog tomorrow showing you what I created today...

Oh and I finally found a way to out a link on my blog to my facebook page. Check it out!

Til next time...

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