Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Starting from scratch...

As you can see I've changed the look of my blog a bit...not sure about it yet. Maybe it'll grow me.

Since being sick I've had strict instruction from my husband to rest. It's a little easier said than done with 3 little children needing to be looked after too but I've done the best that I can to rest. I was even told that if I touched the washing..."You will seriously be dead" so I haven't gone there.

So when the boys are all settled in playing I've been heading to my 'corner' to create. It's amazing how much time one card can take to complete. I think it surprises Josh some times how much time I send in my 'corner' and then see how little cards I've made. BUT I'm very happy with what I've achieved so far. It's actually really fun to start my card stock again. I even found myself dreaming of what to design during my sleep last night.

As I have pretty much no cards and a VERY special wedding on this Saturday I won't be attending The Handmade Expo BUT if you're free and looking for something exciting to do, I would encourage you to check it out! Oh and take cash...and lots of it! There are so many great things to buy there. Check out their blog for details and view some of the stalls they have there.

Til next time....

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  1. I was almost going to try and buy some baby cards from you last week but knew your stocks were gone. Next time! I had 5 baby gifts to give!!

    The new look of your blog is great! I want to change mine sometime too. It's a bit scary.