Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back online!

Hi everyone...

It's been way too long since I've posted anything on my blog. I've really missed blogging and blog hopping! We were only working a VERY low amount of gigabytes and hit max only a few days after the new month started so we couldn't use the internet since then! We have now upgraded our plan so posts will now be a bit more frequent.

I've been busy in my room completing orders and restocking. My husband was VERY generous and allowed me to "go to work" 2 full days in the last few weeks. He even gave me his RDO and looked after the boys while a worked!

I haven't been able to attend any markets for a few months because of card parties but am planning on making it to the July Handmade Expo. The Handmade Expo is on this saturday morning. Check out their blog for more details.

Here are some of my recent projects...

(sorry it's a bit blurry and not the best position)
This was a customer order for a 2 yr old boy. His mum supplied the material as she had already bought it with the idea to use it for something in his room. I love owls and this material is just so cute. It looks very dark but I think it's just the lighting in my room.

well, that's enough for today.

Til next time...

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