Sunday, March 14, 2010

Card Party update!!

Afternoon everyone...

Wow...what a wonderful day Saturday was! I woke up at 6am (like most days) and started to think about what I should do first. I wanted to take up with me a large bunch of flowers from my garden to decorate the table so I went and picked them.

It was a very relaxed morning getting ready. By 11am myself and my good friend Angie got in the car and started our journey up the coast. I love the drive up the Sunshine Coast and it was great to have company in the car. When we arrived the beautiful host Jodi was ready to go so we got set up and were done by the time the first guest arrived. Everyone was so welcoming and the party got off like any party does with women...lots of chatting. It was so lovely to sit, watch and chat with these women. Jodi had put together a fantastic afternoon tea for her guest, which was nibbled on as the ladies talked and looked through all the cards. After all the guests left we packed up and started to make our way back home. Angie and I had lots of time to review the day and decided it was a BIG SUCCESS!!

I'd like to take this time to say THANK YOU to Jodi for hosting my first card party. I tried not to have expectations of how the party would go but I have to say it set the bar high. I'll be making my way back to the Maroochydore next month for another party, which I'm so thrilled about!!

I actually didn't take many photos of the party which is a shame, and the only photo I took of my display was blurry. Sorry...

Til next time...


  1. Shame about the photos but glad the party was a huge success. Your garden must be delightful Kate. Those flowers are gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations, Glad it was a success.

  3. Nice work Kate... congratulations.


  4. These are beautiful Kate! I'm really looking forward to seeing them (and you) at Roz's place!