Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Next year....

Hi everyone...

Exciting news...

In January next year I will be starting in a new direction with my cards. I have had many suggestions of how to expand my 'hobby' and have decided to start 'Card Parties'. This involves me traveling to peoples houses/work venues, taking all my cards and also everything I need for people to make their own cards. I already have 5-6 parties in the making, which is very exciting! If any of you are interested in having a party let me know. I don't mind how far away you live...including the sunshine coast (Jodi!).

Also, just like Tupperwear parties, I also have host incentives and offers!!

It's a great excuse to have a girlie night/afternoon too.

Just send me an email to or leave me a comment on this post if you're interested.



  1. Good on you, I am excited for you !

  2. OMG...this is such an awesome idea...
    I am thinking that I might be interested in one of these...can you email me the details???
    Ask anyone that knows me...I AM SOOO NOT INTO TUPPAWARE, CANDLE, JEWELLERY parties, but this, this is different.

  3. Hi Leisa...GREAT! If you want to go ahead with a 'party' then just email me some dates that work for you and I'll let you know what date works for me and then I'll send you the invitations for you to hand out to ALL your girlfriends and then we can go from there. Any night is fine with me and saturday and sunday afternoons work well too.

    Look forward to hearing from you!!

  4. Are you signing up to be a demonstrator with Stampin Up or going out alone? I love card making and being creative too and thought about being a demonstrator for a while but couldn't fit it into my schedule!

  5. Hi Narelle...sorry I didn't see your comment til now. I actually don't own any stamps from Stampin Up but they do look great. I'd be going out on my own with my 'card parties'.