Monday, July 27, 2009

Looking ahead...

Hi there..well the Warwick Handmade Expo has come and gone. It was a great experience, though VERY COLD! I'm now starting to look ahead towards Christmas because that is my busiest time.

I'm looking at running a Card Making Workshop in the month of september, so if you are interested in attending please let me know. I already have ladies interested, I'm just needing to put a date to it. I'm thinking it will be Christmas focused. I know that it is early to be thinking of Christmas, but I thought that it would give you enough time to then make more of your own.

Well on that note, I'll leave you.

Til next time.


  1. Hi Kate,

    I am hosting the next Girls Craft Night which is on August 20. If that date suits you, I'll send an email out to the girls this week to see if anyone is interested in doing a card workshop. I'll wait till I hear from you about the date before I do and then confirm with you afterwards.

    Hope all the boys get better soon.

    Love Amanda

  2. Sounds like fun, and sounds like you are enthused again after your little crafting hiccups ! Good on you, you have so many original designs and ideas, you certainly are a market leader in your field !

  3. Hi Amanda, I'm actually thinking of doing the workshop in the Kenmore South State School hall because I've had interest from people from my church.

    BUT I'd love to do a separate workshop with your ladies if they're interested. Let me know.

    Thanks Miriam for your comment. I'm totally getting into making new cards for the markets! The hiccup didn't put me off, just made me more enthusiastic to make different cards!